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The "Udmurt Krai" Blog Celebrates 10 Years!

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The "Udmurt Krai" Blog Celebrates 10 Years!

Started in March 2011, this year marks the 10th anniversary of our library blog "Udmurt Krai"!

The blog is local history themed. It was launched in response to growing public interest in local history as a way to share interesting facts and news and librarians’ unique perspectives and knowledge in this field.


Right now, the blog provides about 400 blog posts (in the Russian language) in 9 sections: "Art gallery", "On colorful pages", "Books of the past", "Little Udmurtia in the big cinema", "On the bookshelf of a local historian", "Sergei Zhilin tells ...","A point on the map of Udmurtia","Udmurtia in destinies". All published materials are timeless and long-lasting: one can read them for the first time or re-read them and learn a lot regardless of the date of publication. Many topics have proven to be engaging, interesting and valuable to readers and we often find republications of our posts on other sites and in social media (disappointingly without credits in most of the cases).


Follow our stories to uncover local heritagefacts and people around our area.