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A New Reference Source "The National Corpus of the Udmurt Language"

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A New Reference Source "The National Corpus of the Udmurt Language"

One of the biggest projects marking the centenary of the Udmurt Republic with a focus on the Udmurt language was the creation of the National Corpus of the Udmurt Language. The project was carried out by the Udmurt Institute of History, Language and Literature (UIHLL), the Udmurt Federal Research Centre of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Ministry of National Policy of the Udmurt Republic, the National Library of the Udmurt Republic and Noomatika LCC.

The National Library of the UR and UIHLL are connected by a long-term cooperation in popularization of the Udmurt science and culture. At a recent joint event with UIHLL we held the presentation of a new two-volume Russian-Udmurt Dictionary issued by the Institute to the 100th anniversary of the Udmurt Republic.


Among other joint projects is the ongoing development of the National Electronic Library of the Udmurt Republic. The National Library has the rights granted by UIHLL to digitize books issued by the Institute and also digitizes archival issues of newspapers from the Institute's collections with the purpose of their preservation.


UIHLL’s and the Library’s close collaboration has also resulted in the creation of the National Corpus of the Udmurt Language –  a new reference source based on an electronic collection of texts in Udmurt for language research. The Corpus consists of two sections: the corpora of texts itself and the dictionary. It covers a wide variety of texts from digitized Udmurt books and periodicals; many of which are from the collections "Udmurt Book" of the National Electronic Library of the Udmurt Republic.


The dictionary comprises electronic versions of the Udmurt-Russian (2008) and the Russian-Udmurt dictionary (2019) helping to translate words from Russian into Udmurt or vice versa and to listen to how they are pronounced. The site also has a great feature of hypertext translation – users can hold the cursor over an Udmurt word and get its instant translation into Russian.


The resource is addressed to a wide audience interested in the Udmurt language: linguists, language teachers, schoolchildren, students, and persons studying Udmurt on their own.

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22 апреля в Министерстве культуры и туризма УР, под председательством зам. министра культуры и туризма УР Петра Павловича Данилова, прошло заседание Межведомственной комиссии по созданию и использованию ресурсов Национальной электронной библиотеки Удмуртской Республики.


Предоставление доступа к оцифрованным изданиям, хранящимся в библиотеках, в том числе к фонду редких книг

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