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Book Presentation: "Udmurt kalykly gozhtet" = "The Letter to the Udmurt People"

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Book Presentation: "Udmurt kalykly gozhtet" = "The Letter to the Udmurt People"

On February 24, the National Library of the Udmurt Republic held a presentation of the book “Udmurt Kalykly Gozhtet” [The Letter to the Udmurt People] published by the Publishing House Udmurtia with the financial support of the Government of the Udmurt Republic to the centenary of statehood of the Udmurt Republic.

This new artistic-publicistic edition (compiled by the chief editor of the Publishing House "Udmurtia", honored journalist of the Udmurt Republic G. G. Gryazev) contains historical documents reflecting the major stages of the establishment of the Udmurt autonomy; speeches, publicistic articles, memoirs, letters, poems, and prose works by notable Udmurt public figures who stood at the origins of Udmurtia’s statehood; as well as articles by contemporary scientists – Doctor of Historical Sciences K. I. Kulikova, Doctor of Historical Sciences N. P. Pavlova, Doctor of Historical Sciences K. A. Ponomarev.


The book was published in 2000 copies and was sent to all municipal libraries of the Udmurt Republic.


The presentation was accompanied by the book exhibition "Daur pyr pottem vizkyl" [The Wisdom Carried Through a Century] displaying the most significant publications by the authors (including lifetime editions), whose works were included in the new book.