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Udmurt Speaking Club "Kubo" Meeting

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Udmurt Speaking Club "Kubo" Meeting

On January 26 at 6 pm, our Udmurt language speaking club "Kubo" is hosting its first meeting in 2021. Join us to discuss Udmurt cuisine!

Udmurt people are very hospitable and generous at the table. Udmurts usually greet guests with bread and butter, tabany with zyret (a sort of sourdough pancakes with milk sauce), hot perepechi (flat pastry shells with various fillings), and aromatic drinks. In recent years, interest in Udmurt national cuisine has grown considerably and has resulted in the popularity of gastronomic festivals: "World Dumplings Day", Pjest-fest, Gubi-fest, Finno-Ugric cuisine festival Byg-byg etc.


Guests of the club will discuss Udmurt cuisine and its peculiarities and share culinary preferences and favorite recipes. What's your favorite Udmurt dish? Do you know how to cook it? What do you treat your guests and friends with? Don't miss the chance to speak Udmurt and have fun!


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Открытие разговорного клуба удмуртского языка «Кубо»

1 октября прошло первое заседание разговорного клуба удмуртского языка «Кубо» («Прялка»), который открылся в Национальной библиотеке УР в преддверии 100-летия государственности Удмуртии. Партнером-организатором выступила Всеудмуртская ассоциация «Удмурт кенеш».