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Chinese New Year at Linguistic Club "Globus"

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Chinese New Year at Linguistic Club "Globus"

On December 21, our Linguistic Club "Globus" held the last meeting of the year 2019. The guest speaker was Li Yue from China, who talked about the traditions of celebrating the beginning of a new year according to Chinese customs, wearing a traditional red dress for the event!

"The more holiday the better", said one popular character of a Russian film, decorating a second Christmas tree. It is no wonder we buy up souvenir mascots of the Lunar New Year and tend to wear lucky colors in accordance with China's zodiac calendar, when celebrating our traditional European New Year!


Every guest visiting this New Year’s Eve festive event at our Linguistic Club "Globus" had the opportunity to learn first hand from Li Yue about a Chinese New Year and its peculiarities – how Chinese families prepare for the New Year, what they cook and what they present to friends, relatives and children and so much more.


The audience enjoyed a lively dialogue with the speaker (the event was held in English with consecutive interpreting into Russian).