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Christmas Readings at our Literary Club

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Christmas Readings at our Literary Club

On December 18, the Literary Club of the National Library of the Udmurt Republic gathered local poets and writers to take part in Christmas readings.

In the festive atmosphere that creates the New Year's Eve, this meeting of friends – authors and readers of our Literary Club – welcomed in the new year with a review of previous meetings and a look forward to plans of giving voice to young poets and writers.


The format of the event was very enjoyable – a living-room style conversation between authors and readers full of the festive spirit, featuring authors’ loud readings of poems and prose.


Among participants were such eminent authors as Lev Rodnov and Daniil Kleopov – frequent guests at our Literary Club meetings; a young writer and traveler Vyacheslav Malykh – the "hero" of our meeting in November; Anastasia Tamirna and Marina Sabirova, new to our Literary Club; poet Marat Bagautdinov, who in "triumvirate" with Yegor Zavgorodniy and Svyatoslav Sokolov brought Izhevsk the status of the poetic capital of the Urals and the Volga region at the prestigious competition in Perm; the Zorins (Pavel and Inge) known as the writing duet Gleb Pavloid and the founders of the Les Partisans theater and the School of Udmurt Drama; and some others.


After the readings were finished, all listeners were entertained with merry literary fortunetelling, funny jokes and festive surprises.