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Donation of Initial Collection of Deryabin Library to National Library of Udmurt Republic

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Donation of Initial Collection of Deryabin Library to National Library of Udmurt Republic

On November 7, a significant cultural event took place in Izhevsk – JSC Kalashnikov Concern donated books from the initial collection of the Deryabin Library to the National Library of the Udmurt Republic.

The Library named after A. F. Deryabin – the oldest in the city of Izhevsk – was opened in 1899 at the expense of the Officer Assembly as a public reading room for the local factory artisans, workers and their families. In 2000, the Library was named after the founder of Izhevsk Arms Factory, who also contributed DB 1significantly to the development of culture and education in the future capital city of Udmurtia.


The donated initial collection of Deryabin Library is unique due to its historical background – it provides a wide field for researching the book culture of Izhevsk, provenance of the books (many of them have records of ownership such as bookplates and super ex-librises, etc.). The core of the collection comprises books published by the largest Russian publishers of the 19th – early 20th century (Brockhaus and Efron, the Granat brothers, Sytin, Soikin, Marx, Wolff ...): encyclopedias, books on Russian and world history, geography, medicine. A large part of the collection consists of fiction books by Russian and foreign classics (e.g. adventure novels by Fenimore Cooper, Louis Boussenard, Jules Verne, Arthur Conan Doyle, Rider Haggard and other authors). And today, 120 years after the founding of the Library, its collection is of great importance for researchers, experts in local history, bibliophiles and for all interested in the history of Izhevsk and Udmurtia.


The donation ceremony took place at the State Council of the Udmurt Republic as part of the celebration dedicated to the National Unity Day, the 99th anniversary of the statehood of Udmurtia and the 100th anniversary of Mikhail T. Kalashnikov. The donated book collection was officially presented to the National Library of the Udmurt Republic by head of the parliamentary group "United Russia" E. A. Derbilova and acting human resources officer of JSC Kalashnikov Concern M. A. Prigorneva, who noted the cultural significance of the event and expressed confidence that the National Library would ensure safe and secure storage of collection items for future generations. In response, head of the National Library T. V. Tensina thanked the officials for making the unique collection of over 2000 rare and valuable books widely available for readers of the Udmurt Republic.