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Sector of Rare and Valuable Documents Invites to Excursions and Media Sessions

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Sector of Rare and Valuable Documents Invites to Excursions and Media Sessions

The National Library of the Udmurt Republic – the major book repository of the region – has unique collections of rare and valuable documents: manuscripts and early printed books, books of Russian type, miniature and unusually designed publications representing fine examples of printing art, books with autographs by prominent figures, art editions and sheet materials, etc.


Many of these rare collections are not easily exhibited to the public at the Library’s thematic exhibitions, since it is extremely difficult to preserve them in good conditionRR 2. They should be stored in an environment of moderate temperature and low humidity with minimal exposure to light, and most valuable items – in special boxes made of acid-free cardboard. However, readers are able to see and explore these rare collections via excursions, lectures and media sessions organized on request.


  • Would you like to learn how people wrote in ancient times, how the first books looked like and when the first libraries appeared? We invite everyone to the excursion "A Journey into the History of Writing and Books". You will have a unique chance to see the book which will turn 400 years old in 2021; to find out interesting facts about the first monument of Slavic book culture; to compare sizes of the smallest and the largest book from our rare collections and much more.
  • No less peculiar is the history of the Russian textbook – how and what was taught in the Old Russian schools and educational institutions in the times of Peter I and Catherine the Great, how the textbooks of the 19th – early 20th centuries looked like. All this is uncovered at the media session "Educational Books of the Past".
  • The reign of Peter the Great in Russia is known as the period of global reforms in all spheres of life, including culture, education, printing. During that time the first etiquette manual was published in Russia Yunosti Chestnoe Zertsalo (The Honorable Mirror for Youth). Our media session "The History of Etiquette" invites to explore how secular education functioned at that time and what standards of etiquette existed in Pre-Petrine Russia and in the early 19th century. You will also learn about the largest orthographic reforms of the Russian language, about Civil Type and its history.
  • The traditions of volunteering have deep historical roots in Russia. The volunteer movement is actively growing today. Based on materials from our collections of rare and valuable documents, we are also able to provide our readers with a brief history of volunteering in Russia.



Send your inquiries and requests for excursions, lectures and media sessions to lov@unatlib.org.ru.


Sector of Rare and Valuable Documents of National Library of Udmurt Republic (200, Pushkinskaya st.).