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Library today

The National Library of the Udmurt Republic (NLUR) is the largest universal library of Udmurtia. The library serves annually 17 thousand readers and has an average circulation of 400 thousand documents; about 1 million 700 thousand users visit the library's web-site.


The library's mission is to build and preserve the documentary heritage of the Udmurt Republic, to provide free and equal access to Russian and foreign informational resources. It functions as an informational, educational, ethnocultural institution and works in cooperation with research, educational and state institutions, enterprises, commercial structures, and non-government organizations.


NLUR works in cooperation with other library systems in the Udmurt Republic and Russia. It is a member of the Russian Library Association, the Association of Finno-Ugric Libraries of Russia, UNESCO's "Community of Pavlenkov's libraries". It takes part in building the Union Catalog of Russian Libraries; since 2005 – in the Interregional Analytical Article Processing project of the Association of Regional Library Consortiums; and since 2006 – in the All-Russian Register of Book Monuments project.


NLUR takes part in projects of Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library, such as the Video lecture series "Knowledge of Russia", All-Russian Olympiad "Russia in the Electronic World". The remote electronic reading room of the Presidential Library provides access to its electronic collections to NLUR's readers.


NLUR is actively involved in international cooperation. In 2010 the library joined the Eurasian Library Assembly. In 2018, the Center for Kazakhstan Literature was opened at NLUR as part of the Memorandum of Mutual Cooperation with the RSU "National Academic Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan". A cooperation agreement was also signed with the Centralized Library System of Yasamal District of Baku implying the opening of the Center of Azerbaijani Literature.


Library's Collection Development and Preservation

NLUR's holdings total about 1.5 million items (including books, manuscripts, periodicals, CDs, gramophone records, electronic resources) able to satisfy the informational needs of users in various fields.


NLUR is the major national book repository in Udmurtia. The collection of national and local history documents comprises over 80 thousand items. About a thousand of them are publications of the late 18th - early 20th century. One-third of the books are bibliographic rarities. The library possesses lifetime publications by outstanding public figures, historians and ethnographers of the Udmurt Republic – G. G. Vereshagin (1851-1930), N. G. Pervukhin (1850-1889), P. N. Luppov (1867-1949); writers and publicists I. S. Mikheev (1876-1937), I. V. Yakovlev (1881-1931), including valuable manuscripts.


About 7 thousand documents are in the rare documents' collections. They differ in subject, place and time of publication, language. Among them are handwritten books, books of Cyrillic and "civil" printing, books in foreign languages, music papers, unbound pages, cartographic issues. The oldest item is "Triod postnaya" – a collection of liturgical texts published in 1621. These rare collections are unique and various, their subjects include "National Book", "Samples of Book Art", "Miniature Books", "Books of Alexandrovsky Lyceum", "Book Owners Collections", "Autographed Books", "Collections of Finno-Ugric Linguists of Udmurtia" etc.


The library serves as the Book Chamber of the Udmurt Republic registering all printed publications in Udmurtia (currently totals 400 thousand items). Since 1961 NLUR has been issuing state bibliographic index "Chronicle of Printed Publications of the Udmurt Republic" informing users about all the locally published books, brochures and articles from periodicals. Since 2017 NLUR has been also issuing a retrospective bibliographic index "Udmurt Book". This index represents the most complete repertory of Udmurt publications in Russian, Udmurt and other languages, published on the territory of Russia, including the Vyatka and Kazan governorates, and abroad since 1775.


Preservation of the library collection as one of the major cultural heritage and information resource of the region has always been one of NLUR's priorities.


The Document Conservation Center of NLUR contributes to the implementation of regional projects "Digitalization of Services and Information Space Formation in the Field of Culture", "Digital Culture", the regional campaign "A Message from the Frontline" aimed to preserve wartime letters and other documentary treasures of the Great Patriotic War owned by local residents.


Library Resources and Services

Forming and managing electronic information resources is another important function of contemporary libraries. NLUR compiles the Electronic Catalog as well as bibliographic and full-text databases. NLUR's bibliographic databases comprise more than 1 million records. The Electronic Catalog includes bibliographic records for documents published from 1988 onwards and entries for earlier documents created in the process of retrospective conversion. The Catalog of Periodical Publications contains bibliographic data about all periodicals held by NLUR. The bibliographic database "Articles" comprises data about collected articles and journals published from 2005 onwards, mainly in social sciences and humanities. The Union Catalog in Local History covers publications in local history held by NLUR and by municipal public libraries of Udmurtia.


NLUR is a national and local history bibliographical center in the Udmurt Republic. Among
the most significant bibliographic publications in local history issued by NLUR in the last decade were the multimedia biobibliographic reference book "Contemporary Udmurt Writers" (2012); the indexes "Udmurt Motives in Fine Arts" (2012); "Literary Life in Udmurtia 1984–2010" (2014); "Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and Udmurtia" (2015); "Udmurtia in Quotations: from Russian publications of the 18th - early 20th centuries from NLUR's collection of rare and valuable documents" (2015), "M. T. Kalashnikov – a Citizen of the World: to the centenary of the legendary arms designer" (2018) and some other.


Since 2008, NLUR has been compiling the National Electronic Library of the Udmurt Republic (NEL UR) – an integrated distributed automated library and information complex cumulating electronic resources of libraries and other holders of information in the Udmurt Republic.


NLUR's section in the National Electronic Library includes the following collections: "History of Udmurtia", "Book Monuments of Udmurtia", "Periodicals of Udmurtia: Regional Print", "Udmurt Book", "Udmurt Music". NEL's development is supported by the government programs "Development of Information Society in the Udmurt Republic (2014–2020)" and "Ethno-social Development and Harmonization of Interethnic Relations in 2013–2020".


In 2019, the project "National Electronic Library of the Udmurt Republic" received the State Award of the Udmurt Republic in the field of art, literature and education, as well as the Prize for Support of Local Initiatives: in 2018 – became a prize winner of the All-Russian competition "The Top 100 Best Goods of Russia".


NLUR participates in developing a system of all-Russian registration of book monuments and compiles the Regional Collection of Book Monuments, which is a part of the All-Russian Collection of Book Monuments. The most valuable treasures from NLUR's holdings are also included in the "Golden Collection of Eurasia" aimed at the creation of a digital collection of the most prominent and valuable publications, reflecting the cultural specificity of the peoples of the CIS, opening their historical backgrounds, spiritual liaisons and interactions.


NLUR provides access to the full-text databases of other libraries via the local network, including the Electronic Library of Dissertations of the Russian State Library.


There are more than 17 thousand records in the analytical databases "Internet Resources": "Energy. Energy Consumption and Energy Saving", "Road Transport", "New Construction Technologies", "Sustainable Development of Agriculture".


NLUR plays one of the leading roles in the system of library and information services in the Udmurt Republic. According to the Federal Law dated 27 July 2010 No. 210-FZ
(as amended of 03.12.2011) "On the organization of provision of state and municipal services",
the library is involved with the provision of library services and two government services:

  • providing access to the digitized publications held by the libraries, including the collection of rare books;
  • providing access to reference aids and databases.


Responding to requests of various groups of users, several specialized centers function at the library.


Republican Center for Legal Information, based on its high-quality resources, provides users with information and reference services and office facilities. The Center has an electronic reading room and runs Law University providing training on using law information resources of NLUR and the Internet.


Public Access Center to Government Sites and E-government Services provides free information services to citizens on the operation of state authorities and local self-governing bodies and their services available in electronic form.


With the support of the Charitable Foundation "Rodnikovyy Kray", Ecological Information Center (aimed to meet the needs of users in environmental information and to improve their environmental culture), and Technical and Agricultural Information Center (equipped with up-to-date electronic resources) were open at the library.


Internet Access and Training Center meets the professional, educational and scientific needs of users, providing electronic and multimedia information and running projects aimed at developing the ICT skills and information literacy of citizens.


As part of the regional target program "Accessible Environment 2016-2020" and "Information society development in the Udmurt Republic " Internet Access and Training Center and the Regional Center for Library Services to Blind and Visually Impaired Users provide ICT training courses for people with disabilities, retired persons and specialists of municipal public libraries.


NLUR’s website brings access to the new services and resources, as well as up-to-date information on library activities, news and events.


NLUR provides remote reference services to users via the Internet utilizing reference and bibliographic tools, traditional and electronic catalogs, and web-based resources.


Electronic document delivery service enables remote users to obtain scans of book chapters or journal articles from NLUR's or other libraries' of Russia print collections. Other available e-services are online booking of books and subscription to newsletters.


NLUR uses different social media (Vkontakte, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) to engage library users with library resources and services.


The library provides technical support and moderation of the Union Information Portal of Libraries of Udmurtia – a corporate resource of public municipal libraries of Udmurtia.


Library as Ethnocultural Institution

One of the principal functions of the library is to promote the national book and national culture of Udmurtia, as well as the cultural diversity of peoples living on the territory of the Republic.


For over 30 years, the Division of Literature in Local History and Finno-Ugric Literature has been running the "Udmurt Krai" Club attended by representatives of Udmurt intelligentsia and local national public organizations. The club works closely with the Institute of History, Language and Literature of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences; the Udmurt State University.


NLUR coordinates the work of municipal libraries – centers of the national culture of the Udmurt Republic serving the ethnic groups of Udmurts, Tatars, Mari, Chuvashs; participates in festivals of national cultures, holds presentations of new books and meetings with writers, cultural and art figures.

The library also runs several ethnocultural Internet projects accessible via NLUR's website: wiki-encyclopedia of Udmurt culture "Vorshud" (in Russian and Udmurt), website "Peoples of Udmurtia", blog "Udmurt Krai".


Promoting Books and Reading

NLUR's other important mission is to promote books and reading in various forms, such as book exhibitions, presentations, cultural and leisure activities.


Since 2018, the library has been running a literary festival "In the Homeland of P. I. Tchaikovsky". One more project is "Literature Days of Municipalities of the Udmurt Republic" supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Udmurt Republic, the All-Udmurt Association "Udmurt Kenesh" and administrations of municipalities of the Udmurt Republic. Every year one of the municipalities of the Republic is declared the Literary Capital of Udmurtia.


The mission of the Center for the Book is to raise the prestige of reading and preserve it as a cultural practice. The blog "Intellectual Coffee" contains interesting and varied literary news about books, authors and readers. Every month the Literary Club of NLUR holds meetings with writers of Udmurtia.


Library users have the opportunity to join one of the numerous leisure clubs: "Aesthet" run by the Division of Literature in Art, "Literary Club" by the Division of Legal Information and Educational Projects, "Globus" by the Division of Literature in Foreign Languages, health club "Nadezhda" by the Division of Literature in Humanities and Natural Science, "Music Hall" by the Division of Technical and Agricultural Literature, club "Kubo" by the Center for National and Local History Literature and Bibliography, "Rarity Club" by the Sector of Rare and Valuable Publications.


Remote users can enjoy a selection of our exhibitions online, through our 3D virtual exhibitions page.


Library Service for People with Disabilities

In 2016, NLUR was reorganized by merging with the Udmurt Republican Library for the Blind and Visually Impaired. As the result, the Regional Center for Library Services to Blind and Visually Impaired Users was established to serve people with disabilities, their families and teachers and to provide socio-cultural, rehabilitative and educational activities. The Center also issues publications in special formats for the blind and visually impaired people, provides methodological assistance to specialists of other libraries.


In 2019, NLUR entered the Top 100 Best Goods of Russia for library services for people with visual impairments.


Scientific and Methodological Activities

NLUR as a methodological center aims to provide methodological support, to monitor their activities, to introduce innovations into library practice, to contribute to the professional growth of librarians.

NLUR is the center for scientific research in library science, bibliography and bibliology. The history of libraries of the Udmurt Republic and the book history of the Udmurt Republic are two main research directions of NLUR resulting in publishing collected scientific papers.

Every year the library organizes and conducts interregional scientific and practical conferences and round table discussions on the issues of printed heritage preservation, information resources development, promotion of books and reading.

NLUR coordinates the process of information technology development in municipal public libraries of Udmurtia and is actively engaged in studying the quality of library services and users' demands.