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Literary Club Meeting in June

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Literary Club Meeting in June

On June 30 at 5 pm Literary Club of National Library of Udmurt Republic is hosting a meeting with Udmurt writer Vyacheslav Ar-Sergi. The event will take place at the Division of Literature in Art (Kamskiy Institute of the Humanities and Engineering Technologies; V. Sivkova St., 12 a, room 224).


V. Ar-Sergi (whose real name is Vyacheslav Vitalyevich Sergeev) is an Udmurt writer and playwright, honored culture worker of the Udmurt Republic, laureate of local and national literary awards. Ar-Sergi was born in 1962 in Novaya Kazmaska village of Zavyalovskiy district of the UASSR, graduated from the Udmurt State University and the Higher Literature Courses at the A. M. Gorky Literature Institute. From the mid-1990s V. Ar-Sergi has been professionally concerned with literature. He has written over 40 books in verse and prose, including books for children — both in Russian and Udmurt, translated into many European languages; his drama works have been staged at the State National Theatre of the Udmurt Republic. He is the author of a screen script for the Udmurt art film “The Shadow of Alangasar” (1994).


In the beginning of 2014 V. Ar-Sergi received the All-Russian National Award named after A. Delvig — “Gold Delvig” — for the book “Listening to Oneself” (Izhevsk, 2012) with the citation “for an artistic search in poetry and prose, a unique rhythmic and musical style of verse based on the Udmurt song folklore and contribution to the development of the Udmurt and Russian languages”.


“Listening to Oneself” comprises Ar-Sergi’s poetic and prose works (tales, film narratives, essays), interviews of various years. The book is illustrated with photographs showing the area of the author’s social networking experience and geography of his creative voyages and meetings.


The book-laureate of the Delvig Award will be the main focus of discussion at the forthcoming Literary Club meeting.


All are welcome to attend.

Admission is free.