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Events Dedicated to 175 Years of Photography

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Events Dedicated to 175 Years of Photography

From January 13 to 31, 2014 Division of Rare and Valuable Documents of National Library of Udmurt Republic (Udmurtskaya, 264) is hosting a series of events dedicated to 175 years since the invention of photography.

In 1839 French artist and inventor Louis Jacques Daguerre after several years of experimentation in a partnership with Joseph Niepce presented a method of photography — daguerreotype process — at a meeting of the French Academy of Sciences. Thus 175 years ago the process of photography started to gain enormous global popularity which still — even in the digital era — remains undiminished.


On January 13 Division of Rare and Valuable Documents of National Library of Udmurt Republic is opening the exhibition “The World in Objective Lens” displaying publications of the 19th - early 20th century from the collections of the Division on the history of photography, its evolution and popularization: Daguerre and Niepce biographical profiles from the series “Life of Outstanding People” published by F. Pavlenkov; G. Polyak “A Brief Photo Encyclopedia” (1936); K. Mertz “Color-Sensitive Photography” (1941) etc. The exhibition will be open up to January 31.


One more event — the meeting with Sergey Kychkin, famous Izhevsk photographer, teacher, writer and musician, head of photo studio “Pti4ka” (School of Arts № 2) — will be held on January 14 at 3 pm. It will be accompanied by the exposition of S. Kychkin’s photo works “Childhood in Checkered Trousers”. Featuring about 50 black-and-white photographs (mainly portraits) the exhibition is dedicated to the theme of childhood and adolescence depicting amazing moments in life of a child — exploration of the world and oneself in this world. The exhibition will be open to the public till the end of January.


All are welcome to attend.


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