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30 Anniversary of “Udmurt Krai” Club of National Library of Udmurt Republic

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30 Anniversary of “Udmurt Krai” Club of National Library of Udmurt Republic

On March 17 at 4 pm House of Peoples’ Friendship (Ordzhonikidze St., 33a) is hosting an official meeting on the 30th jubilee of the “Udmurt Krai” Club, organized by the National Library of the Udmurt Republic and held as part of the program of the Year of Culture in Russia.

“Udmurt Krai” Club, run by the Division of Local History and Finno-Ugrian Literature of National Library of Udmurt Republic (at present — Center of National and Local History Literature and Bibliography), plays a vital role in spreading knowledge about native land, its historical, cultural and language traditions. Creative meetings; celebrations marking jubilees of notable people; meetings with outstanding cultural and academic figures, writers, artists, journalists; presentations of books by Udmurt, Hungarian, Estonian and Finnish authors contribute greatly to broadcasting of cultural information related to Udmurtia and Finno-Ugrian community.


In close cooperation with the Institute of History, Language and Literature (Russian Academy of Sciences Ural Branch); Research and Development Institute of National Education of the Udmurt Republic; Udmurt State University; Union of Writers of the Udmurt Republic; All-Udmurt Association “Udmurt Kenesh”; Republic’s Federation of Women in Creative Careers and many other active participants, the Club has held about 150 meetings and has welcomed over 8 thousand visitors. Highlights of the last year’s activities of the Club comprise meetings with Udmurt writers-laureates of the literary prize of the Estonian Kindred Peoples’ Programme, meetings with Udmurt literary translators; presentations of multimedia reference resource “Contemporary Udmurt Writers” and Udmurt learning kit for Russian speaking pupils of the 1st-5th grades “Ӟеч-а, бур-а, удмурт кыл!” (“Hello Udmurt!”); jubilee meetings with writers Fedor Pukrokov and Veniamin Ivshin.


As part of the ceremony the welcome speech and congratulations to the Club will be delivered by Acting Head of Government of the Udmurt Republic A. V. Soloviev, Minister of Culture, Press and Information of the Udmurt Republic M. V. Soloviev, Acting Minister of National Policy of the Udmurt Republic L. N. Buranova, President of All-Udmurt Association “Udmurt Kenesh” I. N. Semenov, representatives of the academic community of the Republic, publishers, librarians.


The program of the jubilee meeting will also include demonstration of the video film about history of emergence, past and present of the “Udmurt Club”; performances of professional and amateur artists — Ensemble of Accordion Players “Arganchi”, kubyz (3 stringed Udmurt folk violin) player A. Ishmuratov and some others; book exhibition displaying fiction works, monographs, collections of articles, learning aids, publicist publications, graphic albums by Udmurt authors that have been presented at the Club over the 30 years of its history.


The jubilee meeting will end with awarding members, activists and friends of the “Udmurt Krai” Club — true enthusiasts for preservation, development and popularization of the Udmurt culture  — the letters of thanks by the National Library of the Udmurt Republic.


All are welcome to attend.