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Opening of Exhibition “Oil of Udmurtia: Past and Present”

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Opening of Exhibition “Oil of Udmurtia: Past and Present”

On March 27 at 4 pm the Division of Technical and Agricultural Literature of the National Library of the Udmurt Republic (30 Let Pobedy St., 14) is opening the exhibition “Oil of Udmurtia: Past and Present”.

Udmurtia’s oil industry represents a relatively young and sustainably developing branch of economy. At present oil is being extracted in many administrative parts of Udmurtia. New oil fields are planned to open in near future. Currently Udmurtia occupies the 10th place in Russia in volumes of oil extraction.


The exhibition staged by the National Library of the Udmurt Republic in cooperation with the Department of Oil and Gas Technologies of the Faculty of Oil and Gas of Kamskiy Institute of the Humanities and Engineering Technologies displays over 120 publications — books, catalogs, albums, periodicals, academic articles — revealing development stages and prospects of Udmurtia’s oil industry.


The first section of the exhibition comprises materials on history of oil exploration, the first proven oil territories in Udmurtia. The earliest geological prospecting in the Udmurt Republic dates as far back as 1860 and is documented in V. P. Preobrazhenskiy’s “The History of Mineral Exploration in the USSR”. The development of oil and gas exploration in Udmurtia is thoroughly investigated (basing on archive and museum materials) in works of V. G. Yukhimenko. This section also reveals the information on geological peculiarities of Udmurtia’s oil pools, as well as a general outline of the region’s oil-and-gas presence.


The second section of the exhibition focuses on the current state of oil production in Udmurtia. It presents profiles of such major oil companies of the Republic as “Udmurtneft” and “Belkamneft” and the smaller ones — “Ryabovskoe”, “Chepetskoe Oil and Gas Production Department” etc. It also portrays the best local oilfield specialists — A. I. Fokin, N. A. Shilov, V. A. Shmelev and many others; represents publications about V. I. Kudinov — Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of the Udmurt State University.


The final section of the exhibition outlines the prospects of oil production development in the Udmurt Republic (opening of new oilfields, adoption of new technologies and methods). It displays proceedings of local conferences on advances in oil and gas technologies, including articles by heads of Udmurtia’s major oil companies.


The event will be participated by scientific workers of Oil and Gas Institute named after M. S. Gutseriev, Kamskiy Institute of the Humanities and Engineering Technologies, specialists of “Udmurtneft”, journalists.


The opening program will comprise presentations “The History of Oilfield Discoveries and Establishment of Oil Industry in Udmurtia” by V. G. Yukhimenko, senior teacher at the Department of Oil and Gas Technologies (Kamskiy Institute of the Humanities and Engineering Technologies); and “On Establishment of Oil Production in Udmurtia” by A. M. Nasyrov, former head of oil and gas production department “Izhevskneft” (“Udmurtneft” Public Corporation). Librarians of the Technical and Agricultural Information Center of National Library of Udmurt Republic will demonstrate a presentation introducing Russian and foreign resources on oil and gas accessible at the library.


All are welcome to attend.