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Literary Club Meeting in May

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Literary Club Meeting in May

On May 26 at 6 pm Division of Literature in Art of National Library of Udmurt Republic (Kamskiy Institute of the Humanities and Engineering Technologies, V. Sivkova St., 12a, room 224) is hosting a meeting of the Literary Club entitled “PRO-Read: An Overview of 2013 Issues of ‘Inostrannaya Literatura’ (‘Foreign Literature’) Magazine”.

“Inostrannaya Literatura” literary magazine has been immensely popular among Russian readers for many decades. In Soviet times the magazine offered a unique opportunity for discovering the works of outstanding foreign authors unknown to readers because of censorship. Published in hundreds of thousands of copies, the magazine issues were literally read to tatters.


“Inostrannaya Literatura” still occupies the leading position among Russian thick literary magazines. It introduces the best foreign literary works of the 20th century, informs about new and future releases, and outlines contemporary literary trends and movements.


2013 issues of the magazine comprise works by laureates of prestigious literary awards: Hilary Mantel (story “Comma”, № 12), Alan Bennett (story “The Greening of Mrs Donaldson”, № 1), Michel Tournier (essays “The Mirror of Ideas”, № 1), Harold Pinter (play “Ashes to Ashes”, № 3), Hanif Kureishi (novel “My Son the Fanatic”, № 1), Corinna Bille (poem in prose “Russia, My Sleeping Love”,  № 11) etc.


Issue 5 provides the Nobel Lecture by a prominent contemporary Chinese writer Mo Yan (National Library of Udmurt Republic has a copy of his novel “The Republic of Wine” recognized for a unique style).


Special issues of the magazine are dedicated to the Dutch (№ 10) and the Swiss literature (№ 11). Issue 4 entitled “The Whirl of Masks: Mystification or Falsification” comprises the works of literary gurus writing under pen names, literary spoofs, pseudo diaries, quasi translations, articles about classics of the evil genre, excerpts from “The Encyclopedia of Falsifications”.


Literary gourmets are likely to enjoy the materials from the sections “Articles and Essays” and “Writer’s Travels”. “Literary Guide” section ought to suit the taste of the readers particularly interested in the literature of the 20th century and those who would like to reveal new literary names and be well aware of contemporary foreign literature. Poetry admirers should like the section “Into the Poem”.


All are welcome to attend. Admission is free.