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Opening of Exhibition “Clean City — Clean Planet”

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Opening of Exhibition “Clean City — Clean Planet”

On June 3 at 4 pm Division of Technical and Agricultural Literature of National Library of Udmurt Republic (30 Let Pobedy, 14) is staging the exhibition “Clean City — Clean Planet”. The exhibition is timed to the Days of Protection from Ecological Danger.

The event will be participated by Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor of the Department of General Ecology of the Udmurt State University Viktor V. Tuganaev who will present a report “Ecological Health of the Towns of Udmurtia”. Senior specialist of the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of Izhevsk Administration Tatyana N. Ermakova will give an account of environmental quality in the capital of Udmurtia. The topic of bringing ecological and legal consciousness of the youth will be addressed by senior teacher of the Department of Ecological, Agrarian and Natural Resource Law of the Institute of Law, Social Administration and Safety of the Udmurt State University Liya N. Tukaeva.


An overview of the exhibition will be delivered by Valentina N. Maltseva, head of Readers Service Division of the National Library of the Udmurt Republic.


The first section of the exhibition — “Ecology of Big City: Problems and Ways of Solving” — is dedicated to general issues of urban ecosystems, quality of life and health preservation in urban environments (publications by G. S. Kamerilova “Ecology of City: Urbanization”, B. B. Prokhorov “Living Environment of City Dwellers”, V. A. Grigorjev “Problems of Cities’ Ecologization in the World, Russia and Siberia” and some others).


The second section of the exhibition — “Waste Management in Urban Environment” — reveals approaches to recycling and disposal of solid wastes within the urban environment (by K. Silgi “The History of Wastes”, A. P. Kashkarova “Turning Wastes To Profit” and some others).


The third section of the exhibition — “A City for Comfortable Life” — outlines recreational development and arrangement of green spaces in cities and communities, environment-friendly construction technologies (by G. P. Zarubin “City Hygiene”, A. S. Kurbatov “Prospects of Eco-friendly Urban Construction” etc.).


The fourth section of the exhibition — “Izhevsk — My Clean City” — displays materials on ecological situation in Udmurtia: on greenery of industrial sites, soil contamination and air pollution, protection of small rivers and water basins (by L. R. Yakovitskaya; collection of articles edited by V. I. Struman etc.).


The exhibition will be open to the public up to June 20.

All are welcome to attend.