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Opening of Exhibition “The Russian Language for All and Everyone”

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Opening of Exhibition “The Russian Language for All and Everyone”

On June 2 at 4 pm National Library of Udmurt Republic is staging the exhibition “The Russian Language for All and Everyone” as part of the educational action “Russian for Friends”. The event will take place at the Division of Literature in Art (V. Sivkova St., 12 a, room 224).

The exhibition will be attended by the representatives of the Ministry of Culture, Press and Information, the Ministry of National Policy of the Udmurt Republic, librarians, members of local national and cultural associations, university teachers and students.


The exhibition will give a start to the educational action “Russian for Friends” aimed at addressing the problems of the contemporary Russian language (purity of the written and spoken form, literacy in cross-cultural communication). Everyone irritated by illiterate advertising, abundance of mistakes in public texts is invited to take part in the long-mob “Grammatical Landing.


An overview of the exhibition “The Russian Language for All and Everyone” will be delivered by E. O. Fomina, specialist of the Division of Readers Service Division of the National Library of the Udmurt Republic. The first section of the exhibition — “For Beginners” — displays linguistic books for entertainment. The instructive and witty items encourage readers to study language norms and rules as something quite fascinating (by L. Kolesnikov, V. Maksimov, V. Leychik, M. Koroleva, D. E. Rosenthal, I. B. Golub and others).


The section — “For Experts” — comprises publications aimed at the language professionals — philologists, language and literature teachers. Beside guide books and monographs in major branches of the Russian language study, the section features research papers by Russian linguists on functioning of the present day Russian (by L. P. Amiri “Language Play in the Communication Space of the Mass Media and Advertising”; N. S. Valgina; N. L. Chulkina; M. Krongauz and some others).


The third section of the exhibition — “For the Curious” — is for those whose credos are accuracy and precision and who are used to trust dictionaries and reference books. Among items on display are publications recording the Russian language literary norm (by G. N. Sklyarevskaya, A. P. Guskova), grammatical and orthoepic challenges (T. N. Efremova, M. P. Kalenchuk).


The forth section — “For Foreigners” — displays numerous study books for foreign learners of the Russian language aimed at developing everyday communication skills, editions for advanced learning (by I. S. Ivanova, S. I. Treskova, E. B. Zakhava-Nekrasova), publications comprising guidelines for cross-cultural communication.


The exhibition will be open to the public up to June 6.


From June 10 the exhibition “The Russian Language for All and Everyone” will be displayed at municipal libraries of the Udmurt Republic accompanied by a series of events within the educational action “Russian for Friends”.