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Online Lecture “Gravitation: The Evolution of Knowledge on Gravity”

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Online Lecture “Gravitation: The Evolution of Knowledge on Gravity”

On April 15 at 11 am Internet Access and Training Center of National Library of Udmurt Republic (Republican Library for the Blind, Lomonosova St., 9) is organizing online broadcasting of lecture by Alexander Petrov “Gravitation: The Evolution of Knowledge on Gravity” organized as part of the Dynasty Foundation project and supported by the Book Institute.

Gravitation is one of the fundamental physical phenomena, known since ancient times. First works on gravitational theory date back to Ancient Greece; later important discoveries in physics — from Newton's law of universal gravitation to Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity — played a prominent role in further advancement of the gravity-related research.


How did the gravitational theory develop? What are black holes and how are they related to gravitation? What is a graviton? What are the prospects of gravitational physics and how could discoveries in this field affect our view of the Universe? These and other issues will be raised in a lecture by Alexander Petrov, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, senior research officer at the Division of the Relativistic Astrophysics at Sternberg Astronomical Institute (M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University), finalist of the Prosvetitel-2013 Award for the book “Gravitation: From Crystal Spheres to the Mole Holes”.


All are welcome to attend.