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Exhibition to 75th Anniversary of Poet Vladimir Romanov

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Exhibition to 75th Anniversary of Poet Vladimir Romanov

Until the end of August the Center for National and Local History Literature and Bibliography of the National Library of the Udmurt Republic is displaying the book exhibition dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Udmurt poet Vladimir Romanov.

Journalist, poet and translator Vladmir V. Romanov (1943-1989) was born in the village of Udmurt-Tashly, Tatrstan. "This small village gave birth to three friends: Yevgeny Samsonov (an Udmurt writer), Alexei Afanasyev (a Chuvash poet), Vasily Romanov (an Udmurt poet, author of short stories). When the war began, all three went to the front, but only two returned home: Vladimir’s father Vasily fell in battle. His friend Yevgeny Samsonov became a famous Udmurt writer. It was Yevgeny who foresaw a great literary future for Vladimir Romanov after reading his first poetic experiments. And he was not mistaken. Romanov's poems became a landmark in Udmurt poetry. He lived a short, but intense and fruitful life" (V. Emelyanov).

Vladimir Romanov authored over a dozen of books for children and adults. Among his best poetry books are "Mynam tulyse" ("My spring", 1967), "Pokchi guzhem" ("Indian Summer", 1975, winner of the Komsomol Prize of Udmurtia), "Jyrberykton uryn" ("Bewitching grass", 1987), "Cheber mako bakchae" ("Poppies lights in the garden", 1990, winner of the State Award of the UASSR); books of poems for children "Tymetyn shundy uya" ("The sun floats in the pond", 1966), "Lud kech salam"("Hello from the bunny", 1984) and some other. All these editions are on display.

Two books by Vladimir Romanov – "Poyuschij uzor" ("The Singing Pattern", 1977) and "Guslej zvonkaya struna" ("The ringing strings of gusli", 1985) – were published in Moscow by Sovremennik Publishing House. Another collection displayed at the exhibition was released in 2004 with support of the program "Memory of Udmurtia" initiated by the National Library of the Udmurt Republic. It is a bilingual edition of poems in Udmurt and Russian titled "Vayobyzh kar = Lastochkino gnezdo" ("A Swallow's Nest").

Romanov also translated the works of A. Pushkin, V. Mayakovsky, Pablo Neruda and many Soviet poets into the Udmurt language. The poet himself was translated into many languages of the peoples of the Russian Federation and the near abroad. His writings were published in the regional press, in central newspapers and magazines, in many compilations; were broadcast on the All-Soviet Union radio.

"V. Romanov's heritage had a significant emotional and ideological impact on the succeeding generation of poets – M. Fedotov, V. Shibanov, P. Zakharov, V. Ar-Sergi, S. Matveev, Rafit Mina", wrote literary critic A. A. Arzamazov. "In the Udmurt literature we find the established romanov’s intertextual zone – some motifs, images, idioms, intonations that originated and received a full artistic development in the poetry of Vladimir Romanov 'continue' and acquire a new individual and creative insight in poetry and prose of ethnofuturists".


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