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Literary Club Meeting in August

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Literary Club Meeting in August

On August 17 at 19 pm the Bureau of Сity Projects "Lift" (Pushkinskaya St., 216) is hosting a literary club meeting of the National Library of the Udmurt Republic "Knizhnaya Sreda" (“The Book Sphere”) featuring a presentation of a new poetry collection by Tatyana Repina.

Tatyana was born in Izhevsk, she is a gradute of the Faculty of Philology of the Udmurt State University and a holder of a Master's Degree in Culture Studies (Kraków University). Currently, she lives and works in Saint Petersburg. Tatyana is a teacher of Polish and Russian as a foreign language, translator, traveler, scholar of the International Forum of Young Writers, manager of poetry projects and programs; participant of the poetry readings "Brezentovaya Tsaplya" (Izhevsk), the poetry festival "Mayak" (St. Petersburg), the festival of contemporary poetry (Vologda), the festival of arts "Etazhi"(Belgorod) and other literary forums.

The first two books by T. Repina – "Monographiya: pishet odin chelovek" (Izhevsk, 2013) and "Bez glav" (St. Petersburg, 2014) – are available in our library. Tatyana's literary web publications (under the pen name "Ta. Repina") are accessible on Stihi.ru and on her Vk.com account.

Tatyana is going to present her third book "Plotnost’ vozdukha" (St. Petersburg, 2018) at our forthcoming literary club meeting with a special guest speaker from Poland Paulina Skorupska. Paulina is an actress, member of Nikoli Theatre (Kraków), performer, teacher of Russian and Polish. The program of the presentation features the celebration of the new book release; musical and poetic performances by the poet and her Polish guest, fragments of the Polish bilingual program "Acrobatics".


All are welcome to attend. Admission is free.