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"James Aldridge. Images of Childhood" Book Exhibition

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"James Aldridge. Images of Childhood" Book Exhibition

Until July 20 the National Library of the Udmurt Republic (Udmurtskaya St., 264) is staging the book exhibition "James Aldridge. Images of Childhood" timed to the writer's 100th anniversary.

The exhibition features books from the collections of the Division of Literature in Foreign Languages – novels and stories in the original and in Russian translations intended for both adolescents and adults.


James Aldridge (1918-2015) was a British writer and journalist born and raised in Australia. Many of Aldridge's works were set in his homeland of Australia. In the 1950s and 1980s his stories and novels were translated into Russian and published in USSR in large quantities due to the writer’s pro-communist stance. And, perhaps, it was one of the reasons for his relatively modest reputation in the West.


From the mid-1960s, many of Aldridge's works were written for children. The writer drew inspiration from childhood to capture the stories of people's lives and the formation of characters. "In my books the main theme is always the same – the choice. The choice of a path, the choice of an action, the choice of a world view".


The exposition comprises such books as "The Last Inch" – James Aldridge’s little masterpiece; and probably the most notable of his stories "The Broken Saddle" about a lonely poor boy and the wild pony that he has tamed; "A Sporting Proposition"; "The True Story of Lilli Stubeck" and some short stories. All these works advocate real life values and are deeply imbued with humanism.