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On Multicultural Activities of National Library of Udmurt Republic

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On Multicultural Activities of National Library of Udmurt Republic

The National Library of the Udmurt Republic’s project "Multicultural Udmurtia" has been recently discussed in the article by S. Yusupov "Izhevsk - the City of Friendship", published in the Tajik language in the newspaper of the People's Democratic Party of Tajikistan "Minbari Khalk" ("The People's Tribune", issue of 13 June 2018).


The article describes the life of the Tajik diaspora in Udmurtia and details the activities of the non-governmental organization "Tajik Social Center 'Orien-Taj'", one of the National Library’s long-time partners.MH


For more than 20 years, the Library has been actively cooperating with national and cultural associations of the Udmurt Republic, developing the system of cross-ethnic book exchange, organizing various events aimed at strengthening the friendship among peoples, preserving their national cultures and traditions. Two recent examples of such events are the opening of the book exhibition "Assalom, Nowruz!" and the Day of Tajik Language staged in cooperation with the Social Center "Orien-Taj".

The issue of "Minbari Khalk" has been kindly presented to the library by vice-chairman of the Tajik Social Center "Orien-Taj" A. A. Talbiev.