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"Reading Pushkin Together" Campaign

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"Reading Pushkin Together" Campaign

On June 6, which is the birthday of the legendary Russian poet Aleksandr Pushkin and Russian Language Day, the National Library of the Udmurt Republic is organizing an annual public campaign "Reading Pushkin Together". The event will take place at Gogol Boulevard at 11 am.

Russian Language Day was established by the Presidential Order of June 6, 2011 stating "to mark Russian Language Day on June 6, the birthday of the great Russian poet and father of the modern Russian literary language Alexander Pushkin".


A year earlier, in 2010, the UN's Department of Public Information also announced an initiative of "language days" to be observed annually, one for each official language, with the goal of celebrating multilingualism and cultural diversity. UN Russian Language Day is marked on June 6.


For several years, the National Library of the Udmurt Republic has held the reading aloud events "Reading Pushkin Together" inviting ordinary citizens and some well-known local scientists, writers, poets and musicians to read abstracts from Pushkin’s literary works.


Join our campaign to celebrate the beauty of the Russian language and the birth of the most well-known Russian poet!

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