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Book Exhibition to 60th Anniversary of Udmurt Writer A. M. Laptev

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Book Exhibition to 60th Anniversary of Udmurt Writer A. M. Laptev

Till the end of June the Center for National and Local History Literature and Bibliography of the National Library of the Udmurt Republic is displaying the book exhibition timed to the 60th anniversary of A. M. Laptev – writer, critic, member of the Union of Writers of the Udmurt Republic and the Russian Federation, Honored Journalist of the Udmurt Republic.

Alexander Mikhailovich Laptev was born on June 28, 1958 in the village of Yurtoshur-Kaksi in Alnashskiy District of the UASSR. After graduating from the Udmurt State University (the Faculty of Philology, Udmurt Linguistic Studies) he worked in the editorial department of the local newspaper "Das lu!" ("Zеchbur") and the magazine "Molot" ("Kenesh"), in the Fiction Bureau of the Union of Writers of the Udmurt Republic. He is also known under pen name A. Yurtoshurov.


The exhibition displays Laptev’s works published in separate and collective editions. "He-he" (1997) – a book beloved by readers – comprises short stories and miniatures in the Udmurt language, the author’s reflections and observations about human relations and certain life circumstances. It should be noted that the author's voice is clearly audible in all books by Alexander Laptev, providing the reader with interesting insights and distinguishing him from other writers.


Children's stories by A. Laptev are featured in the book "Chupa-Chup!" (2013) and in the new edition "Punylen pydyz potyz" (2018).


The author's collection of essays "Ty uchke chemges chuckpala" (2008) is of special interest since it contains articles and book reviews on contemporary Udmurt literature as well as literary criticism about more than thirty writers, some of them are well-known, others undeservedly forgotten (Georgiy Arkhipov, Maria Bazhenova = Lyom Manya, Evgraf Baranov, Nikolai Vasiliev…).


One more unique edition on display is the textbook of Esperanto translated by A. Laptev into the Udmurt language (published in Ekaterinburg, 2000).


The exposition also offers a critical perspective, showcasing literary and biographical articles about A. M. Laptev.