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National Library of Udmurt Republic at Udmurt National Festival "Gerber"

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National Library of Udmurt Republic at Udmurt National Festival "Gerber"

On 12 June the National Library of the Udmurt Republic is traditionally taking part in the Udmurt national festival "Gerber". The festive event will start at 12 midday in "Berezovaya roshcha" park, Izhevsk.

This year, "Gerber" is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Udmurt movement in Russia.

The programme staged by the National Library of the Udmurt Republic features:


  • book exhibition "History of the Library - History of the Republic",
  • quiz "Learning about Udmurtia",
  • loud readings of Udmurt poems by Kuzebay Gerd and Ashalchi Oki, including translations into other languages,
  • open-microphone poetry readings for authors,
  • meetings and autograph sessions with local poets and writers,
  • master classes by the Regional Center for Library Services to Blind and Visually Impaired Users of the National library of the Udmurt Republic on creating an accessible environment: "Getting to Know Braille", "Secrets of Sign Language", "Mood Workshop", "The Game Available to All" (all are welcome to attend, all ages and backgrounds).

Our notable guests will be: People’s Writers of Udmurtia Vyacheslav Ar-Sergi and Vasily Mikhailovich Vanyushev; writers and journalists Tatyana Chernova, Lyubov Tikhonova, Semyon Karpov, Sergey Zhilin; young authors Darali Leli, Bogdan Anfinogenov, Oksana Bisar and some others. The amateur poet and composer Nikolai Merzlyakov will perform his songs.


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