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Lesson of Courage on Day of Memory and Sorrow

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Lesson of Courage on Day of Memory and Sorrow

On June 22, the Day of Memory and Sorrow marking the day when the Great Patriotic War broke out, the National Library of the Udmurt Republic is organizing the Lesson of Courage for pupils featuring literary-historical excursion at the Square of the Eternal Flame with poet, bard and local history expert Sergej Zhilin.

For two hundred years Izhevsk has been known as the Armory Capital of Russia. And the power of word – same as the power of arms – has always had great importance in Russia. Among those who confounded enemy were many writers. The excursion will be dedicated to them – our heroic fellow countrymen, who clinched victory in word and deed, whose childhood was spent in labor for the war effort on the homefront. Pupils will learn about the little-known pages of the history of Izhevsk and the Udmurt Republic.