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Celebrating Pushkin Day

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Celebrating Pushkin Day

On June 6, which is the birthday of Aleksandr Pushkin, Pushkin Day is officially celebrated in Russia. To mark this occasion the National Library of the Udmurt Republic is organizing a series of events.

From June 1 to July 31 Division of Rare and Valuable Publications is staging the exhibition of Pushkin’s fairy tales featuring their various editions, including the rare 1869 item (published by Y. A. Isakov in Saint Petersburg) and the book of fairy tales edited by famous Pushkinists Y. G. Oksman and  M. A. Tsyavlovsky (Academia, 1936). Among other interesting items on display are several miniature editions, the book with the autograph by Grigory G. Pushkin (1913-1997), who is the last direct descendant of A. S. Pushkin.


On June 6 from 11 am to 12 pm our Center for the Book is inviting to take part in "The Reading Hour" event, which will take place near the monument to The Learned Cat (Pushkinskaya St., 247). The participants, ordinary citizens and some well-known local scientists, poets and musicians, will read abstracts from Pushkin’s literary works. The reading aloud event will result in a short film production "Izhevsk Reads Pushkin".


The National Library of the Udmurt Republic will also support the All-Russian online reading campaign aimed at popularizing Pushkin’s heritage in translations to the languages of the minor peoples of the Russian Federation (initiated by librarians of Khasavyurt). The poem by A. S. Pushkin "Mne vas ne zhal, goda vesny moej" translated into Udmurt will be recited by our bibliographer Nadezhda Volkova.