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"The Art and Culture of the Chechen People" Literary-Musical Evening

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"The Art and Culture of the Chechen People" Literary-Musical Evening

On May 23 at 5 pm National Library of Udmurt Republic is hosting the literary-musical evening "The Art and Culture of the Chechen People" continuing the series of events "Multicultural Udmurtia".

This event is co-organized with the Udmurt Republic’s Public Organization "The Chechen National Cultural Center 'Dajmokhk'" and is aimed at popularization of the cultural heritage of the peoples living in the Udmurt Republic.


The Chechen National Cultural Center "Dajmokhk" was established in Udmurtia in 2004 and since that time has grown to more than 500 members with the branches in Sarapul, Votkinsk, Kezskij, Yarskij and Yakshur-Bodinskij Districts of the Republic.


The program of the evening will feature readings of Chechen poems, video demonstrations of the national musical and dance performances (including the National Dance Ensemble "Vainakh" and the State Ensemble of Folk Songs "Nur-Zhovkhar"). The event will be accompanied by the book exhibition on architecture, decorative and applied arts, musical culture of the Chechen people from the collections of the National Library of the Udmurt Republic.


Among invited guests of the evening are the representatives of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Ministry of National Policy of the Udmurt Republic; chairmen of the national-cultural associations of Udmurtia, teachers, students and librarians.