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Poetry Event Featuring Oleg Khlebnikov

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Poetry Event Featuring Oleg Khlebnikov

On May 23 at 2.30 pm Izhevsk Gymnasium № 24 is hosting a poetry event featuring poet and journalist Oleg Khlebnikov.

Born in Izhevsk in 1956, Oleg N. Khlebnikov began his career as a poet, winning early recognition both locally and nationally. In the 1980s he moved to Moscow and built a successful journalistic career, working for such titles as "Krestyanka", "Ogonek", "Russkaya Visa". Since 1996 he has been with "Novaya Gazeta", where he is currently involved as a chief editor of the History Column.


Oleg Khlebnikov is an award-winning poet. Among his latest literary prizes are Venets 2011 for the poetry collection "Ludi Strastnoj Subboty" ("The People of the Great Sabbath") and The New Pushkin Prize 2013.


The event is timed to the poet’s upcoming 60s anniversary (to be celebrated in July) and is held at the invitation of head of the Gymnasium № 24 museum Natalya F. Buldakova. The National Library of the Udmurt Republic acts as a co-organizer of the meeting.