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Seminar for Young Writers

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Seminar for Young Writers

On March 22-23 the Union of Writers of Udmurtia with support by the National Library of the Udmurt Republic is hosting a seminar for young writers featuring workshops by prominent Moscow authors – Nikolay Pereyaslov and Vasiliy Dvortsov (as part of the Union's regular forum).

The seminar is organized for the winners of the regional contest "Young Voices in Literature of Udmurtia" held by the National Library of the Udmurt Republic in 2015. The seminar will be attended by young poets and prose writers from all corners of the Udmurt Republic.


Nikolay V. Pereyaslov is a secretary of the board of the Russian Union of Writers; poet, prose writer, critic, laureate of literary awards of A. Platonov, B. Kornilov, R. Gamzatov and the Big Literary Award of Russia; author of 22 books of verse, prose, criticism and poetry translations. Vasiliy V. Dvortsov is a secretary of the Russian Union of Writers; laureate of various literary awards; author of novels "Az Buki Vedal…", "Kainovo Koleno", "Terra Obdoriya", narratives "Angel Angelina", "Togda, Kogda Sluchitsya", collections of stories, plays and poetry.


One of the key issues to be raised at the forum will be translation. An expert panel to discuss the issues of translation of literary texts will include writer Lev Rodnov, librarian of the National Library of the Udmurt Republic’s Center for the Book Nataliya Varlamova, critic Natalya Surnina, chief editor of the literary journal "Luch" Nikolay Somov.


The evening program of the forum will feature prose and poetry readings.