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"Otkroy Rot" – Read Shakespeare!

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"Otkroy Rot" – Read Shakespeare!

On March 6 at 2 pm the National Library of the Udmurt Republic is hosting the Izhevsk round of the All-Russian reading competition "Otkroy rot" ("Open Mouth"). The event will take place at the conference hall of the Udmurt State Philharmonia (Pushkinskaya St., 245).

"Otkroy rot" is held in Russia annually since 2011. In 2016, the reading championship is dedicated to the UK-Russia Year of Language and Literature and is titled "Shakes-tour", marking the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare's death. The aim of this project is to emphasise the importance of Shakespeare’s heritage not only for Great Britain, but for the whole world, including remote regions of Russia.


Izhevsk is one of the 111 cities of Russia to host a journey of a bilingual book of sonnets by William Shakespeare as part of the "Otkroy rot" competition events. 


According to the rules of the championship, the participants of the competition, aged 18 and above, will read aloud passages from books or poetry. The task is to do it on the spot, masterly and artistically. Competitors will be judged by the jury appointed by the championship organizers. The finalists in each city recite sonnets by William Shakespeare. The Izhevsk round winner will be invited to the Ural semifinal and, in case of a successful outcome, will earn the right to represent the city in the final round of the championship in Moscow later this year. 


"Otkroy Rot" is organized by the non-commercial partnership "Interregional Reading Federation". All competitors wishing to take part in the championship must be registered prior to competing at http://www.biblioring.ru/join.


The event is open to the public. Admission is free. All are welcome to attend.