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"The Big Read" 2016

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"The Big Read" 2016

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Udmurt Republic and the National Library of the Udmurt Republic are announcing the start of the annual contest of library projects "The Big Read - 2016: the Library in the New Format".

This year’s contest is held among the municipal public and departmental libraries of the Udmurt Republic and is aimed at:

  • popularization of reading among the general public;
  • preservation and development of book culture;
  • popularization of libraries and strengthening their public status;
  • supporting innovative practices and activities of libraries.

The projects under implementation or completed in 2016 are eligible for the competition. The following project areas are invited:

  • promotion of an interest in reading among the youth;
  • inclusion of people with disabilities;
  • projects developed by young librarians (under 35 years old);
  • the use of multimedia and Internet technologies in book and reading promotion;
  • national and local history book promotion.


  1. Virtual Exhibition (the project shall develop the virtual book exhibition in any format published on a library’s web-resource: site, blog, social media).
  2. Library in Social Networks (the project shall comprise the strategy of presenting the library in social networks for the year 2016).
  3. Literary Excursion (the project shall present any real or virtual literary excursion with the use of interactive forms).
  4. Recommendatory bibliographic reference promoting books and reading (the project shall state the aims of the reference issue, its target audience, practical value for libraries).
  5. Scenarios of library events promoting books and reading in the Udmurt language (the project shall state the aims of events, their target audience, the number of participants).

Contest Regulations (in Russian)