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"Message from the Frontline" Campaign

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"Message from the Frontline" Campaign

On February 18 Document Conservation Center of National Library of Udmurt Republic (Izhevsk, 30 Let Pobedy St., 14) is starting the Republic’s campaign "Message from the Frontline".

The campaign that will last from February to November 2016 is aimed at preserving the epistolary heritage of the Udmurt Republic. Its primary goal is to provide citizens of Udmurtia with the opportunity to renovate, restore and preserve their family relics – letters sent by their relatives from the fronts of the Great Patriotic War.


The campaign has been initiated by the National Library of the Udmurt Republic (that has the necessary equipment and skilled professionals) and supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Udmurt Republic and the regional branch of the Russian Military-Historical Society.


As part of the campaign, a series of educational events and consultations on restoration and preservation conditions will be held. Owners of letters will be asked to grant their permission for the National Library of the Udmurt Republic to use electronic copies of these historical treasures.


"Message from the Frontline" campaign has a great social and historical value, contributing to the civil and patriotic education of the youth, the formation of the electronic archive of the previously unpublished materials on World War II.


Campaign Rules and Regulations (in Russian)