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"Radio and Television in Udmurtia. 1932–2015" Book Presentation

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"Radio and Television in Udmurtia. 1932–2015" Book Presentation

On February 9 at 5 pm National Library of Udmurt Republic is hosting the presentation of photobook "Radio and Television in Udmurtia. 1932–2015" published in 2015 by "Udmurtia" Publishing House.

Issued in the year of the 70th Anniversary of the Great Victory and the 95th anniversary of Udmurtia’s statehood, the book focuses on the radio and television broadcasting history of the region and introduces those who pioneered and advanced the development of Udmurt radio in the 1930s and local television in the 1950s, surpassing other autonomous republics of the Soviet Union.


Unlike the 1996 and 1997 books "Television in Udmurtia: History" and "Radio Broadcasting in Udmurtia: History and the Present" the new edition, as stated in the foreword "is not a mere book of memoirs, but a book illustrated with 800 photographs on the history of the country and those people who produced radio and teleprograms about its history – from 1932 to the present. We would like our readers to sense the air of time and changes in the epoch of socialism. On the one part, this book is about the veterans and for the veterans, who keep memories of their work and their colleagues and would like to learn more about their successors. On the other part, it is the book of remembrance for the contemporary radio and television team".


The guests of the presentation will learn about the idea of the photobook from its initiator and chief editor, honored journalist of the Udmurt Republic, ex-head of the state teleradio corporation "Udmurtia", candidate of philosophical sciences, associate professor of Izhevsk State University (one of the sponsors of the publication) Oleg Kornilovich Shibanov. Legendary radiojournalist Viktor Georgievich Makshakov will share his professional memoirs and secrets. Head of Teleradio Archive, author and host of teleprograms Larisa Sergeevna Bazhenova will disclose some of the secrets kept in the teleradio chronicles.


The presentation will be accompanied by the exhibition "Radio and Tele- Broadcasting in Udmurtia" staged by the National Library of the Udmurt Republic. Among items on display will be books and periodic articles about outstanding pioneers of the state teleradio corporation "Udmurtia", and about some of the most popular radio and tele- programs. 


The presentation will be attended by veterans and heads of the state teleradio corporations "Udmurtia" and "My Udmurtia", representatives of public unions, mass media, students.


The event will take place at the conference hall of the Udmurt State Philharmonia.  


All are welcome to attend. 


On February 9 at 5pm National Library of Udmurt Republic is hosting the presentation of photo book “Radio and Television in Udmurtia. 1932-2015” published in 2015 by “Udmurtia” Publishing House.