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Book Presentations to Defender of the Fatherland Day

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Book Presentations to Defender of the Fatherland Day

On February 3 at 5 pm at the threshold of Defender of the Fatherland Day National Library of Udmurt Republic is hosting presentations of new books by A. V. Kononov "Tanki na Marshe" (Vol. 1, Pt. 3) and F. M. Shageev "Letchiki Udmurtii v Nebe Afganistana i Drugikh Lokalnykh Vojnakh"

"Tanki na Marshe" ("Tanks on the March") is the third part of the first volume of the fundamental research into the history of Russian tank-building by lieutenant-colonel in the reserve, tank man, official of the military commissariat of the Udmurt Republic Andrej Viktorovich Kononov. The presentation of the first part of the edition on the development and application of Russian armored vehicles during the period 1919-1930 was held at the National Library of the Udmurt Republic in 2014. The new portion of research deals with the history of development, construction peculiarities, application and maintenance of Soviet wheel-track BT tanks. The book comprises unique charts, technical drawings and schemes, numerous photo documents, many published for the first time.


The book "Letchiki Udmurtii v Nebe Afganistana i Drugikh Lokalnykh Voinakh" ("Pilots of Udmurtia in Afghanistan and Other Local Wars") by a former military pilot, major, deputy chairman of the Udmurt Republic’s Department of All-Russian Public Association of Veterans "Boevoe Bratstvo" Flur Mansurovich Shageev comprises memoirs of 30 military pilot officers, our fellow-countrymen – veterans of Afghan and other local wars of the 20th century. One of the chapters is dedicated to Izhevsk aero club that has recently celebrated its 80th jubilee. The book is illustrated with numerous photographs depicting daily military routine of pilots in Afghanistan, aero club activities (gliding, skydiving, airmanship), events held by "Boevoe Bratstvo".


The presentations will be accompanied by the book exhibition "The Russian Army: Land and Aerial Warfare" displaying research papers and reference publications on Russia's military history (including local wars of the 20th century), publicist works and fiction, memoirs of veterans – our fellow countrymen. 


The presentation will be attended by the representatives of the regional departments of the Russian Union of Veterans, the Union of Veterans of Afghanistan, the All-Russian Public Association of Veterans "Boevoe Bratstvo", the Union of Paratroopers and DOSAAF (Volunteer Society for Cooperation with the Army, Aviation, and Fleet), the Union of Officers of Izhevsk, Izhevsk aero club; veterans of war and labor, armed forces and law enforcement; historians, local history researchers, museum research officers.   


The event will take place at the conference hall of the Udmurt State Philharmonia. 

All are welcome to attend. Free admission.