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Free Test Access to IPRBooks

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Free Test Access to IPRBooks

From January 26 to February 9 National Library of Udmurt Republic is providing a free test access to the Electronic Library System IPRBooks. The resources are online-readable and 20% downloadable.

This educational and scientific resource comprises full electronic versions of over 30 000 items (study and reference books, monographs, business and popular science books etc.) published by 500 federal, regional and higher education publishing houses in Russia as well as full-text coverage of 300 scientific journals approved by the Higher Attestation Commission.


IPRbooks also contains resources for higher education students specializing in construction; students of pedagogical educational institutions and vocational educational institutions. One more valuable resource featured in IPRbooks is the catalog of free publications (comprising 60 000 items) developed by scientific and public libraries of Russia. These include rare publications, periodicals, literature in regional studies etc. 


In addition, over 350 online tests are available for IPRbooks users for self-testing in various disciplines. 


All IPRbooks documents are adapted for reading on the screen (bookreaders, pads and smartphones) and are handy for scientific citation. The contents are searchable by author, title, subject, year and type of publication, context. 


IPRbooks requires user authorization to access full-text contents. To get your login and password, please contact librarians of the following divisions: