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Presentation of Book by A. M. Korepanov “Sibirsky Trakt: Doroga v Dostojnuyu Zhizn”

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Presentation of Book by A. M. Korepanov “Sibirsky Trakt: Doroga v Dostojnuyu Zhizn”

On December 15 at 5 pm "Udmurt Krai" Club is hosting a presentation of the book by A. M. Korepanov "Sibirsky Trakt: Doroga v Dostojnuyu Zhizn" ("The Siberian Route: the Road to a Decent Life"). The event is organized by the Center for National and Local History Literature and Bibliography of the National Library of the Udmurt Republic in cooperation with Izhevsk State Medical Academy (ISMA).

Anatoly Maksimovich Korepanov – Doctor of Medicine, Professor, Honoured Doctor of the Russian Federation, Honored Public Health Worker of the Udmurt Republic, laureate of the State Award of the Udmurt Republic, Honored Academician of ISMA, member of the New York Academy of Sciences.


Korepanov’s scientific interests lie in gastroenterology and pulmonology. He authored over 200 papers and 5 scientific inventions. The healing properties of "Uvinskaya" mineral water were studied under his supervision. The research findings of the academician have been adopted by many healthcare institutions of the CIS. Korepanov has trained 20 candidates and 3 doctors of medical sciences.


In the autobiographical narrative "Sibirsky Trakt: Doroga v Dostojnuyu Zhizn" Korepanov portrays his family, his thorny path to the academic success, his teachers: F. F. Yantsen, A. Y. Gubergrits, B. D. Borevskaya, V. F. Mashagatov, T. M. Makarova, G. E. Danilov and some others.


The presentation will be attended by the representatives of the State Council of the Udmurt Republic; the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Public Health of the Udmurt Republic; ISMA; Udmurt State University; Korepanov’s colleagues and pupils. The event will also feature a live video session with the author’s outstanding granddaughter – soloist of Moscow Philharmonia, Honored Artist of the Udmurt Republic, pianist Asya Korepanova.


The presentation will be accompanied by the book exhibition on A. M. Korepanov’s life and career. The first section of the exhibition displays biographical materials from encyclopedic and reference sources, periodicals. The second section demonstrates Korepanov’s research papers (monographs, study books, academic articles) and abstracts of theses written under his guidance.   


All are welcome to attend.


On December 15 at 5 pm