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Meeting with Fantasy Writer Sergey Moskvin

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Meeting with Fantasy Writer Sergey Moskvin

On December 13 at 3 pm Literary Club of National Library of Udmurt Republic is hosting the meeting with fantasy author Sergey Moskvin. The event will take place at Wonderland Café (Pushkinskaya St., 216).

Sergey Moskvin was born and live in Izhevsk. He has worked in state security bodies – at the Federal Agency for Government Communications in Moscow and the Administration of the Ministry of State Security of the Russian Federation in the Udmurt Republic in Izhevsk.


Sergey started his literary career in 1999 and has published a dozen of suspense novels about security and intelligence officers struggling against terrorism and foreign intelligent services. He has also issued a number of science-fiction novels: "Predelnaya Glubina", "Contact Tretjej Stepeni", "Chernyj Rassvet", "Uvidet Solntse", "Golod".


Although the writer's greatest success was with his two latest books published in “Universe of Metro 2033” series. Dmitry Glukhovsky, the founder of the book series, commented on the novel "Golod" (Famine): "Occasionally the ‘Universe’ series strays towards something utterly new and unusual and produces books that stand out among many, the books that are different from common action-packed thrillers. Sergey Moskvin’s "Golod" is one of such exclusives, probably the strangest of all the books that have appeared in the series".    


The meeting with Sergey Moskvin will take place as part of I Izhevsk Festival of Fantasy. The author is going to read excerpts from his books, answer the questions of readers and talk about his new novel to be set in Izhevsk in 2033.


All are invited to attend.