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First Edition of "Vojnays Ivor" Newspaper Donated to National Library of Udmurt Republic

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First Edition of "Vojnays Ivor" Newspaper Donated to National Library of Udmurt Republic

The first issue of newspaper “Vojnays Ivor” dated 4 February 1915 has been donated to the National Library of the Udmurt Republic. The ceremony took place on November 20 at the All-Russian Scientific-Practical Conference "National Regional Press as Part of the Russian Mass Media System" dedicated to 100 anniversary of "Udmurt Dunne" newspaper.

"Vojnays Ivor" ("News from the War") was the first paper in Vyatka Province published in Udmurt. It informed readers about the course of World War I and accumulated materials on everyday life of Udmurts. In 1917 the paper was renamed "Udmort". For a brief period of time in 1918 the publication was called "Vyl Sin" and "Gudyri". In 1930 the paper became "Udmurt Kommuna". Since 1992 the paper is known as "Udmurt Dunne".


The first issue of the paper had been gifted to the editorial board of "Udmurt Dunne" by the Government of Mari-El; Mari Scientific Research Institute of Language, Literature and History Named after V. M. Vasiljev and "Mari-El" newspaper. Presenting the item to the National Library the chief editor of "Udmurt Dunne" Z. K. Ryabinina highlighted the paramount importance of preserving this milestone of a century-old history of the paper.


Head of Center of National and Local History Literature and Bibliography A. L. Semenova thanked for such a valuable donation and assured that the National Library of the Udmurt Republic has all the necessary opportunities to duly preserve this rare edition and to ensure its accessibility for a wide circle of Internet users via digitization and inclusion in the National Electronic Library of the Udmurt Republic.


As an expression of gratitude for a long-term successful cooperation with the National Library, Z. K. Ryabinina presented a Note of Thanks to its Head T. V. Tensina.


Photographs provided by "Udmurt Dunne"