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Presentation of Book by N. Nelidova "Milyj, Milyj Sovkolor"

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Presentation of Book by N. Nelidova "Milyj, Milyj Sovkolor"

On Novemebr 30 at 6 pm Literary Club of National Library of Udmurt Republic is hosting presentation of a new book by Nadezhda Nelidova "Milyj, Milyj Sovkolor". The event will take place at the conference hall of Udmurt State Philarmonia (Pushkinskaya St., 245).

Nadezhda Georgievna Nelidova is a journalist, graduate of Kazan University, member of Union of Writers of Russia, honored cultural worker of the Udmurt Republic. She lives and works in Glazov. The book of collected stories "Milyj, Milyj Sovkolor" is the fifth in her writing career.


Commenting on Nelidova’s previous book, correspondent of "Udmurtsakaya Pravda" Svetlana Velerina wrote: "Nadezhda worked for 'Udmurtskaya Pravda' as a special correspondent in Glazov and Glazovskij District for ten years, rushing around enterprises and villages, filling her piles of notebooks with interviews, meetings, presentation events. Her materials encouraged people to overcome difficulties, to find companionship, to struggle for justice. And now her prose <...> also urges women to forsake the vanities of the world and to reexamine something in life".


Vadim Shasmulin, chief editor of the Russian newspaper "Moya Semya", where Nelidova’s works appear regularly, remarks: "Her prose addresses some very topical issues – social, psychological, family-related. The author always remains true to the key-note, namely, to portraying main characters – little people from the Khrushchev era slums: ordinary accountants, market vendors, dairy maids, nurses, tramps, models out of demand. Her stories are written in easy and captivating style".


The presentation will feature a welcome speech by the author, readings of stories from the new collection "Milyj, Milyj Sovkolor" and a musical performance by Izhevsk musician Yurij Titov.


All are welcome to attend.