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Opening of Exhibition “Mother’s Sacred Duty”

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Opening of Exhibition “Mother’s Sacred Duty”

On November 26 at 4 pm National Library of Udmurt Republic in cooperation with Izhevsk and Udmurt eparchy are opening the exhibition "Mother’s Sacred Duty" timed to Mother's Day in Russia. The exhibition is staged at Saint Michael's Cathedral of Izhevsk.

The celebration of motherhood has a centuries-old history – from the culture of Ancient Greece to the present day tradition of Mother’s Day. In Russia the Mother's Day holiday was established rather lately (in 1998 by "Committee on Women, Family and Youth" of the State Duma) but it soon gained mass popularity. Today all regions of Russia organize festive events on the last Sunday of November – concerts, meetings, award presentation ceremonies celebrating mothers for what they do and for how they contribute to bettering the regional family policy.


The ceremonial opening of the exhibition will be participated by representatives of the Ministry of Social, Family and Demographic Policy, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Udmurt Republic; Department for Civil Society Development of the Administration of the Head of the Udmurt Republic and the Government of the Udmurt Republic, representatives of local cultural community. Among the issues raised in the speeches of honored guests and exhibition organizers will be: state policy on motherhood and childhood; moral and ethical aspects of family upbringing; support of family and motherhood by the Russian Orthodox Church; artistic vision of motherhood, the role of a mother in shaping a child’s personality as depicted in works of art.


The exhibition features books from the collection of the National Library of the Udmurt Republic. The first section of the exhibition – "And I Beg You to Take Care of Your Mothers" – follows the establishment of the institution of motherhood and childhood protection, the fundamentals of defending the rights of mothers’ and children in accordance with international and Russian law. The second section of the exhibition – "A Mother with a Child in Arms is Beautiful Indeed" – displays research papers on traditions of religious and civil portrayal of motherhood, as well as various beautifully illustrated books and albums with reproduced masterpieces of pictorial art and icon painting. Pieces of classical Russian and foreign poetry and prose on the theme of motherhood are represented in the section – "The Word Ancient and Sacred!". A variety of special exhibits (miniature books and icons from private collections) will be on view as well.


Also featured during the evening's entertainment will be poem readings, instrumental and vocal performances by professional bands and children.


All are welcome to attend.