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Book Presentation: "The Lullabies in the Dialog of Cultures"

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Book Presentation: "The Lullabies in the Dialog of Cultures"

On October 27 at 5 pm National Library of Udmurt Republic is hosting a presentation of the book “Kolybelniye Pesni v Dialoge Kultur” (“The Lullabies in the Dialog of Cultures”) authored by Rosa A. Kuznetsova – Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, associate professor at the Department of Udmurt Philology and National Languages at the Institute for Education of the Udmurt Republic. Rosa A. Kuznetsova’s sphere of research interests lies in the field of teaching Udmurt in a polylanguage and multicultural environment of the Udmurt Republic.

The book comprises Russian, Udmurt and other Finno-Ugric (Hungarian, Finnish, Karelian, Estonian, Mordovian and Mari) lullabies – both traditional folklore and authored.


"Interestingly, the lullabies of all peoples of the world have similar features <...> Yet lullabies of every nation are different and unique, mirroring its authentic philosophy and vision of life" – states R. A. Kuznetsova in the introduction and analyses linguistic peculiarities and plots of national lullabies and their potential for involving pre-school children in the dialog of cultures.


The presentation ceremony will feature guest speakers, including head of the Union of Composers of the Udmurt Republic Marina G. Khodyreva; Doctor of Philology Tatyana G. Vladykina; scholars and experts. Also featured during the entertainment program of the event will be performances by professional soloists and musicians. The presentation will be also accompanied by the book exhibition "Lullabies in the Context of Folk Songs" displaying publications of Russian and Finno-Ugric folklore, research papers on the subject matter from the collections of the National Library of the Udmurt Republic.


The presentation will be participated by representatives of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Ministry of National Policy and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Udmurt Republic, the Union of Writers and the Union of Composers of the Udmurt Republic, national and cultural associations, intellectual and cultural community, teachers and students.


All are welcome to attend.