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“Soil. Yield. Ecology” Exhibition Opening

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“Soil. Yield. Ecology” Exhibition Opening

On October 22 at 4 pm Division of Technical and Agricultural Literature of National Library of Udmurt Republic is opening the exhibition "Soil. Yield. Ecology" dedicated to the International Year of Soils. 

Soil is the non-renewable resource vitally important for normal functioning of ecosystems, food security and sustainable development of society. Due to the growing anthropogenic impact (urban growth, deforestation, abusive land use), the need for soil protection is becoming more acute than ever before. Scientists, ecologists, agrologists all over the world urge to pay due attention and to raise awareness of the general public to this global problem.

At the exhibition opening ceremony the topical issue of soil protection will be addressed in speeches by representatives of the local academic community – scholars of Izhevsk State Agricultural Academy, Udmurt Research Institute for Agriculture, Agrochemical Center "Udmurtskiy".


The exhibition "Soil. Yeild. Ecology" displays resources from the collection of the National Library of the Udmurt Republic. The first section "Soil Science" features publications disclosing the history and multifaceted nature of soil research, modern understanding of soil as a dynamical system. Among items on display are the works by famous soil experts (V. V. Dokuchaev, V. R. Williams, G. I. Tanfilyev, I. P. Gerasimov, K. D. Glinka), monographs, study guides, academic articles, conference proceedings.


The section "Soils and Efficient Land Use" presents the papers by Russian and foreign authors on soil fertility and erodibility and its management; on current issues of land use in the Udmurt Republic (variability of soil features, soil fertility practices).


The section "Soil and Ecology" displays monographs, study books and academic articles (including publications by members of the Department of Agricultural Chemistry and Soil Science of Izhevsk State Agricultural Academy) illustrating the role of soils in environmental and ecological sustainability (particularly in the Udmurt Republic), the impact of air pollution on forest soils. Other issues raised in this section include: protection against erosion of meliorated soils; soil contamination by oil extraction and mechanical anthropization in the Udmurt Republic and the Pre-Ural region; soil remediation techniques and methods.


All attending the exhibition will be also acquainted with Russian and world informational resources related to the subject and accessible at the Technical and Agricultural Information Center of the National Library of the Udmurt Republic.


All are welcome to attend.