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Events to the Day of Lycées

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Events to the Day of Lycées

From October 19 to 24 National Library of Udmurt Republic in cooperation with Gymnasium № 24 of Izhevsk is hosting a festive week of events dedicated to the All-Russian Lycée Day

Celebrated annually on October 19 the Lycée Day commemorates the opening of the legendary educational institution – the Imperial Lycée in Tsarskoye Selo (also known historically as the Imperial Alexander Lycée). Founded in 1811 by Alexander I, this privileged high school was destined to become the alma mater for dozens of prominent Russians from state officials and diplomats to writers, artists and scientists, the best known among them was Russia's greatest poet Aleksandr Pushkin.


The Lycée Day festive events program features:

  • Exhibition "The Lycée Circle: History, Traditions, Graduates" displaying unique materials (objects of everyday use, books, paintings, sculptures) from the private "Pushkin's collection" owned by local history expert, honored teacher of the UASSR Anatoly V. Novikov; books from the Imperial Alexander Lycée from the collection of Division of Rare and Valuable Documents of National Library of Udmurt Republic; postcards, coins and tokens of the epoch from the private collection owned by Valeriy N. Ardyshev etc.;
  • Exhibition tour outlining traditions of lycée education in Russia, its teaching standards, foreign languages learning programs, its outstanding graduates. The chief focus will be on Konstantin Gustavovich Emme, graduate of the Imperial Alexander Lycée of 1899, notable figure in Izhevsk history;
  • Feather pen and ink writing interactive activity centered on a unique collection of inkpots and feather pens from around the world collected by A. V. Novikov and providing an exclusive opportunity to try oneself in the art of ink writing.

The events will take place at Gymnasium № 24 of Izhevsk (Sovetskaya St, 23).


All exhibition tours are subject to scheduling, please request in advance (for a detailed information, contact Division of Literature in Foreign Languages).


All are invited to attend.