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Free Test Access to Electronic Library “Lan”

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Free Test Access to Electronic Library “Lan”

From October 13 to November 13 National Library of Udmurt Republic is providing a free test access to Electronic Library of "Lan" Publishing House comprising online-readable and 10% downloadable resources on a great variety of subjects.

Electronic Library System features full-text collections of scholar materials, study books, academic periodicals issued by major Russian publishing houses, such as "Lan", "Yurite", "A-Prior", "Finance and Statistics", "Dashkov and Co", "Flinta", "PhysMathLit", "BINOM. Laboratory of Knowledge", "DMK Press".


Texts are mostly in Russian available in PDF format and dating as far back as 2009. The collections are searchable by author, title, subject, publication date and language.


National Library of Udmurt Republic also has a permanent access to the whole wealth of free content of "Lan" Electronic Library – classical works in history, philosophy, sociology, literary studies, economics, law, psychology, pedagogics; fiction (including books by foreign authors in the original); a number of Russian academic journals. These collections are regularly updated.


Registered users are provided with personalized customization services of the library including:

  • virtual bookshelf;
  • book notes;
  • bookmarks (with comments);
  • citations;
  • summarizing;
  • access from personal devices.