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Literary-Musical Evening to 120th Anniversary of Sergey Yesenin

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Literary-Musical Evening to 120th Anniversary of Sergey Yesenin

On October 13 at 3 pm National Library of Udmurt Republic is hosting a literary-musical evening dedicated to Sergey Yesenin’s 120th anniversary organized within the program of the Year of Literature in Russia. The evening will take place at the Udmurt State Philarmonia (Izhevsk, Pushkinskaya St., 245). 

Sergey Yesenin was probably one of the most mysterious figures of the Russian Silver Age poetry. Who was he – a peasant’s son, a reckless city idler, a passionate aesthete? A bard of birch trees or a reformer of Russian verse? He read poetry to the Empress and glorified the Revolution of 1917. A rare artistic talent of Sergey Yesenin is still enjoyed by people of all ages, nationalities, professions and cultures. Sergey Yesenin’s poetry is the poetry of empathic communication, which is a key to the secret of its magnetic power. Tragic and hard was the poet’s fate: Yesenin lived a short (only 30 years long) life but left a long cultural legacy.


The evening’s festive program will recount Yesenin's life and poetic heritage, memoirs of his contemporaries. Guests will hear songs and lyrical romances based on Yesenin's poetry performed by poet German Kim and “Amadey” band as well as the recording of Khlopusha's monologue from Yesenin's poem "Pugachev" read by the author himself. Documentary video materials and a short film produced by National Library of Udmurt Republic featuring Izhevsk citizens commenting on Yesenin’s poetry and reading their favorite poems will conclude the evening’s entertainment.


The concert program will be accompanied by the book exhibition “The Bard of the Land of Birch Trees” from the collections of National Library of Udmurt Republic. Among items on display are the academic publication “Chronicle of the Life and Works of S. A. Yesenin” in five volumes, the latest release of the collected works of the poet in seven volumes published in 1995-2000, literary criticism and memoirs by A. A. Volkov, B. T. Gribanov and some other.


All are welcome to attend.