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All-Russian Conference to Gaj Sabitov’s 100 Anniversary

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All-Russian Conference to Gaj Sabitov’s 100 Anniversary

The all-Russian scientific-practical conference dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Udmurt poet Gajfutdin Sabitovich Sabitov (commonly known as Gaj Sabitov) will take on September 15-16.

Organizers: Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ministry of National Policy of Udmurt Republic; Udmurt State University; Udmurt Institute of History, Language and Literature (Russian Academy of Sciences Ural Branch); National Library of Udmurt Republic, Executive Committee of Kukmor Municipal District (the Republic of Tatarstan).

Gaj Sabitov is an Udmurt poet, honored cultural worker of the UASSR, laureate of State Award of the UASSR. He was born in Novyi Kanisar village (presently the Republic of Tatarstan) and graduated from the Faculty of Philology of the Udmurt State University and M. Gorky’s Literary Institute. Gaj Sabitov worked as a head and later as an editor of literary programs at the Udmurt radio. He authored several poetry collections and books of verse for children, both in Udmurt and Russian. He is also known as a translator into Udmurt of Alexander Pushkin, Yanka Kupala, Ğabdulla Tuqay, Musa Cälil. Gaj Sabitov was often called “the poet of 100 songs” since many of his poems were adopted as song lyrics.


The official opening ceremony of the Conference will take place at the Library of the Udmurt State University (Izhevsk, Lomonosova St., 4b) on September 15. The program of the first conference day will include plenary sessions, symposia and master class on poetry translation.


On September 16 a special meeting of the “Udmurt Krai” Club of the National Library of the Udmurt Republic will be held in Gaj Sabitov’s birthplace – Kukmor (the Republic of Tatarstan) – as part of the conference program. The event will feature a ceremonial plenary session and Gaj Sabitov poetry readings by winners of local readers’ contests among school students. There will also be staged a book exhibition comprising two sections – “Making the Planet a Little Bit Kinder: Gaj Sabitov’s Literary Heritage” and “The Glory of Good Deeds: G. S. Sabitov’s Life and Work” (from the collections of the National Library of the Udmurt Republic).


The event will be participated by the representatives of the Ministry of National Policy and Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Udmurt Republic, scholars from the Udmurt Institute of History, Language and Literature (Russian Academy of Sciences Ural Branch), the Udmurt State University, teachers, librarians and guests from other regions of the Russian Federation (Saint Petersburg, Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Mordovia, Mari El) and abroad (Estonia, Hungary, the Republic of Tunisia).



Download the Conference program (in Russian)