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“Theatre on a Square: a Journey through Time and Space” Exhibition

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“Theatre on a Square: a Journey through Time and Space” Exhibition

On September 2-5 National Library of Udmurt Republic is staging the exhibition “Theatre on a Square: a Journey through Time and Space” at the annual festival “Chitay, Izhevsk!” (“Izhevsk, Read!”) organized by Izhevsk public library system.

The festival will take place at the Central Square of Izhevsk.

The first section of the exhibition – “From Ritual to Performance: the Origins of Theatre” – displays books disclosing the origins and development of professional theatre (by A. Avdeev, S. Silin, N. Kulanovskaya). The second section of the exhibition – “From West to East: Street Theatres in Europe and East” – publications on ancient, European (medieval German, Italian “comedia del arte”) and Japanese national theatres (by D. Kallistov, G. Boydzhiev, S. Mokulskiy, V. Kolyazin, G. Anarin). The third section of the exhibition – “You, the Kingdom of the Gaff!: Russian National Theatre” – acquaints with entertainments and amusements popular in Rus’, the phenomenon of buffoonery and its role in the history of Russian theatre (by A. Belkin, A. Nekrylov, D. Likhachev, N. Savushkin).


The exhibition will provide a free opportunity for visitors willing to take photos as theatre characters or to take a selfie/shelfie with theatrical attributes, masks and costumes.


The event will also feature autograph sessions with Udmurt poets and writers (a detailed information will be posted in National Library of Udmurt Republic’s official group in vk); as well as exlibris master-classes for home libraries owners (on September 2 and 3 from 6 to 8 pm; hosted by N. Lubich).