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“Robotics in School Education” Exhibition

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“Robotics in School Education” Exhibition

On August 27 National Library of Udmurt Republic is staging the exhibition “Robotics in School Education” for the annual conference of teachers and heads of Izhevsk educational institutions.

During the last years Russia witnessed the continuously growing interest in educational exploitation of robotics. Educational robotics is seen as transdisciplinary learning activity involving the knowledge of informatics, maths, physics, natural science, technology and engineering creativity. Robotics are considered to be an extremely helpful learning tool in reinforcing students' interest in science and technology, in fostering their problem solving skills, systemic thinking, vocational choice.


The first section of the exhibition – “Robotics Science” – features publications giving a general overview and basic understanding of robotics (monographs by King-Sun Fu and Eiji Nakano, collections of academic articles) and its industrial application (by A. P. Merkulov, G. V. Soboleva, V. I. Korobkov, P. N. Belyanin).


The second section of the exhibition – “Raising an Inventor” – displays guidelines and articles for teachers and educators on how to integrate robotics into learning activities (from junior to middle school) and how to encourage students’ creativity and motivation (by G. S. Altshuller, A. B. Selyutskiy, A. B. Migdal, R. I. Pereverten, B. L. Zlotin and A. V. Zusman, A. K. Beshenkov, V. F. Shilov, P. Chulkov, Y. P. Solomatov, B. T. Voytsekhovskiy, I. Y. Tochidlovskiy and some other).


Library specialists will also provide consultations on the use of handy informational resources in pedagogics, methodology and scientific teaching accessible via National Library of Udmurt Republic (such as eLIBRARY.ru and analytical bibliographic database of Russian scholarly articles MARS).