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Book Exhibition “The Style and Comfort of Our Home”

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Book Exhibition “The Style and Comfort of Our Home”

From 3 to 31 August Division of Technical and Agricultural Literature is staging a book exhibition “The Style and Comfort of Our Home”.

Contemporary living space concepts are expected to be comfortable, functional and well-appointed. However the style of the interior is no less important than a level of comfort it offers. Modern interior design suggestions need to be personalized, to reflect lifestyles of the owners, their spiritual and physiological wants. Thus developing a unique interior style using ordinary materials and standard furniture might seem rather challenging but at the same time interesting and enjoyable process.


Our book exhibition offers helpful practical guides for those who are willing to transform a living space into something utterly new and different, or in case of a modest budget, to restyle one room.

The book by S. Walton “1000 Ideas for Interior Decoration” might be especially helpful for private home owners. It comprises practical refurbishing ideas for halls, stairways, specific purpose rooms (such as studios, attic floors, rooms for pupils, teenagers and students). It also suggests various lighting solutions, storage ideas and much more.

Another richly illustrated book – T. Evelegh’s “500 Decorating Tips for the House and Garden” – offers furniture renovation ideas, examples of phyto design, fireplace shelves organization, kitchen color schemes, the use of decorative tiles and a lot more. T. Eichhorn’s “Modern Interior Design”, G. Waterman’s “Design of Your Apartment”, P. Guntlow’s “Be Yoyr Ouw Home Decorator”, E. V. Omelchenko’s “Ideas for Small Apartments” might be helpful as well.

The exhibition is on display at 30 Let Pobedy St.,  14.
Contact tel: 50-31-84.