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Presentation of Encyclopedic Reference Book “Udmurt Dunne”

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Presentation of Encyclopedic Reference Book “Udmurt Dunne”

On June 10 at 5 pm National Library of Udmurt Republic in cooperation with the regional newspaper “Udmurt Dunne” (“Udmurt World”) and within VII All-Russian Finno-Ugric Press Forum are hosting a presentation of the encyclopedic reference book “Udmurt Dunne” published recently to mark the 100th anniversary of the periodical.

February 4, 1915 saw the first issue of the Udmurt newspaper “Voynays Ivor” (“The War Bulletin”). The same paper was later published under a number of titles: “Udmort”, “Vil Syn”, “Gudyri”, “Udmurt Kommuna”, “Udmurt Pravda”, “Soviet Udmurtia”, since 1992 it has borne the title “Udmurt Dunne”. The following people served as editors-in-chief in the newspaper: P. P. Glezdenev, V. D. Krylov, K. S. Yakovlev, T. K. Borisov, P. N. Bagrashov, D. I. Korepanov, S. M. Burburov, I. T. Voronchikhin, M. I. Volkov, A. S. Butolin, P. M. Yashin, V. M. Mikhailov, A. E. Komarov, A. P. Petrov and some other; the current editor-in-chief is Z. K. Ryabinina.


The newspaper traditionally covers social, political and cultural events in the Udmurt Republic, its education and national policy news, economical and agricultural issues. In 2015 “Udmurt Dunne” received a prestigious Kuzebai Gerd’s All-Udmurt National Award “for a major contribution to the preservation, revival and development of the Udmurt culture, its traditions and customs and to strengthening friendly ties between the peoples”.


The encyclopedic reference book to be presented has been prepared by the editorial board of “Udmurt Dune” (by L. Y. Malykh, V. S. Urazaeva, Z. K. Ryabinina) and published with the financial support of M. A. Castrén Society (Finland).The opening section of the book outlines the newspaper's history from its establishment in 1915 and up to present day. The major reference section comprises biographical materials on all editors-in-chief, news reporters and non-staff correspondents of the periodical (1735 personalities in total). The text is illustrated with a great number of photographs.


The presentation ceremony will be participated by the representatives of Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of National Policy of the Udmurt Republic; Agency of Press and Mass Communication of the Udmurt Republic, Union of Journalists of the Udmurt Republic; Udmurt Institute of History, Language and Literature (Russian Academy of Sciences Ural Branch); Faculty of Journalism (Udmurt State University); journalists and officials from other regions of the Russian Federation (Tatarstan, Perm Oblast, Mordovia, Mari El, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug) and Estonia.


The presentation will be accompanied by the book exhibition “’Udmurt Dunne’: 100 Years in Dialog with Readers” staged by the National Library of the Udmurt Republic. Its first section displays books and other publications on history and development of “Udmurt Dunne”. The second section comprises academic articles and reviews written basing on newspaper materials or mirroring its current state.

The presentation will take place at the House of Peoples’ Friendship (Izhevsk, Ordzhonikidze St., 33a).

All are welcome to attend.